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LetMeRepair Spain S.L.

LetMeRepair Spain S.L.

Our objective in Spain is:

  • To be a leading IT and consumer product repair company in Iberia, managing a pick up and repair solution in Malaga

Our activities


  • RMA Management,Hotline services covers the Iberian market (Spain & cross border solutions for Portugal) and will cover the following languages: Spanish, English, German & Portuguese.

FRU Level Repair: ( Full Replacement Unit )

  • LCD/LED TV´s, TFT Monitors, GPS, Car Radio´s, Receivers, Microwaves

Screening & Exchange Services:

  • Smart Phones & Networking

Switching and Fulfillment: ( Credit note management )

  • Credit note management, screening and functional test, Return to vendor ( RTV ) processes

Materials Control and Distribution ( Spare parts management )


Other info

Current Space:  875m², additional space of 3 x 600m² available

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