Cyrus Audio and LetMeRepair start cooperation

Huntingdon | Cambridgeshire (UK), Bautzen (DE), January 2018:
Cyrus Audio, offering pleasure in music, and LetMeRepair have agreed to start a cooperation in January 2018. Within its wide range of service capabilities, LetMeRepair has been given the green light to manage repairs for Cyrus Audio’s high class products.
Cyrus Audio exists to connect its clients with the power and raw emotion of music. Proper hi-fi is like a ‘portal’ – it transports you immediately to the recording. The world and its problems simply disappear. For that precious time when you’re listening, it’s pure indulgence, pleasure – bonding on an emotional level with the artist. Great hi-fi is exhilarating beyond words. Once you’ve had that ‘moment’, you ache to experience it again. It becomes a passion that lasts a lifetime.
Thus, LetMeRepair is proud to become a part of Cyrus Audio’s enthusiastic world of music.

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