Grand Opening - LetMeRepair Namibia April 2009

Todays announcement is a great example of what can be accomplised when different mindsets are put together to support technology services throughout the globe.

We recognise that in order for LetMeRepair to have a positive impact on the lives of the people of Nambia we need to find ways of converting innovative ideas to services that generates economic growth and peace of mind in the country.

As the sponsor to the Namibian region LetMeRepair South Africa will serve as the main incubation Hub supporting the region in every aspect of the business.

Todays announcement of the Namibian branch opens the door to many new possibilties and supports a diverse,new generation of clients in the region. For Namibian Citizens and visitors, it means that they have the peace of mind of having a reputable international company at which they can deliver the units, request for a pick up and return to and from their workplace or place of living or even that of onsite support services.

Our strategy is aimed at enhancing services to the Namibian public by delivering a “Service beyond Excellence” through total dedication,hard work and a high level of integrity.

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