Hewlett Packard has appointed LetMeRepair as its Bench Repair company in South Africa

Effective the 15th December 2007 Hewlett Packard has appointed LetMeRepair as its Bench Repair company in South Africa.

The HP product portfolio serviced ranges from color ink or laser, all-in-one fax-scanner-printers, digital cameras, notebooks, displays, PC´s, PC terminals and beamers.

Hewlett Packard and LetMeRepair have agreed to changed the service solution in South Africa and are migrating the South African services from the conventional decentralized 5 bench carry-in solution to a 2 depot centralized pick up and return service solution. LetMeRepair will use the repair locations in Johannesburg and George as the HP repair locations.

The increased repair volumes have justified expanding the current infrastructure in South Africa. LetMeRepair has taken over the previously contracted HP service company in Johannesburg. LetMeRepair South Africa now accommodates more than 6000m² with over 130 full time employees in 2 repair locations.

LetMeRepair will manage part of the HP repair services from the Johannesburg facility with the current bring-in service solution.

The repair volumes from the regions Bloemfontein, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth are being managed by a central hotline and a pick up and repair service solution bringing the repair volumes to the Johannesburg or the George repair facilities.

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