LetMeRepair and Service Trade announce their strategic cooperation

Cernusco/Italy; Bautzen/Germany, 2nd November, 2010

LetMeRepair has taken the next strategic step in its mission to offer a EMEA wide repair solution.
LetMeRepair´s objective is to offer a regional repair solution in every major EMEA territory enabling a
seamless serviceability for the next generation of mobile technology products.

LetMeRepair has successfully managed its Italian contracts through its cooperation partner, Service
Trade, for the last 12 months.

Service Trade has excelled in the task and has proven to be the best in class service organisation in
Italy. The cooperation has proven to be of value add to all, said Karl Dominick, Managing director of

Service Trade is the Italian market leader and offers an own nation wide on-site (in-home) repair
infrastructure for the CE and IT industry whilst also managing a central depot repair facility for the
Italian after sales service market.

LetMeRepair has taken the strategic decision to nominate Service Trade as their official
representative for the Italian market. This agreement is coupled with the decision not to open an own
repair organisation in Italy.

Service Trade in turn has taken the strategic direction to leverage on this mutual agreement to offer to
hits Customer in Italy an full European coverage using LetMeRepair´s European infrastructure said
Antonio Carulli, Sales Director of Service Trade.

A fundamental step in seamless contract management is transparent and real time data. Both
companies are proud to announce that the data interfacing for all joint customers has been
successfully completed, giving both partners direct access to data relevant to the projects managed.

Both cooperation partners jointly use the logistics, call center and repair expertise of the other partner
in cross border and European projects which gives their clients access to the best possible European
service solution.

The cooperation is the first step in offering joint services in territories not yet covered by both

Please feel free to contact the following persons for more information:

Antonio Carulli, Sales Manager Director Service Trade:

Matthias Appel, Director Business Development LetMeRepair:

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