LetMeRepair Poland confirms its regional commitment and acquires a building in Kalisz

LetMeRepair Poland´s growth in the last 2 years is well within expectation. The decision to purchase the building in Kalisz is our commitment to stay in the Kalisz region whilst giving our customers and staff that extra bit of security and commitment going forward. The available space in LetMeRepair Poland cannot cope as the current growth rate, which would result in a stagnation of growth in Q4 2009. The purchased 4 storey building needs a serious amount of renovation but offers a lot of potential for our growth plans going forward.

As per Karl Dominick, managing Director LetMeRepair Europe “The planned relocation of our Polish activities has lead us to seriously consider the regional positioning of our Polish activity. We have evaluated the staff availability, the local infrastructure as well as the influence of the so called “industrial hot spots” in Lodz, Wroclaw and Poznan in making our decision. Also the fact that we are directly neighboured with the UPS hub in Kalisz gives us a decided TAT advantage when dealing with them as our logistics partner.”

Bernhard Schmitt, managing director of LetMeRepair Poland is pleased to know that the building gives LetMeRepair roughly 1000m², 7 meter high, warehouse space and 3000m² repair shop floor ideally suited for manufacturer warranty service business.

LetMeRepair Poland is expected to move into the new location in August 2009 as the building will be renovated und upgraded in a step by step process. The first renovation phase will commence in January 2009 and is expected to be completed by the beginning of Q3 2009.

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