LetMeRepair South Africa relocation into the new building is on schedule

LetMeRepair South Africa´s growth in 2007 has exceeded all expectations. The turnover has grown more than 100% in the last 18 months. LetMeRepair South Africa employs 48 full time staff members and has successfully implemented the European style “pick up and return” service with a central repair depot in George. This service solution is successfully being used for Notebooks, PC´s, TFT displays, low value products like MP3 players and consumer products.
Uwe Dominick, managing director of LetMeRepair South Africa, is proud to announce that the new facility offers sufficient capacity to triple the current workload and headcount. “The industry has recognised the advantages offered by the depot service solution and is changing their current repair approach for the South African market.
The move of all operations will take place on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th November. “Our customers will experience a slight TAT increase of maximum 2 days during the move” as per Uwe Dominick. “ Business will be back to normal by the 5th November.” We are well prepared for the move”
The decision to purchase the property and to build the new administration building was made in June this year. The building plans approval for the office complex was passed quicker than expected. The newly built office complex and the renovation took just over 3 months. The biggest challenge, as per Uwe Dominick, was getting the administration and hotline complex finished on time.

The foundations of the new office building to house the administration and hotline capable of seating 60 agents was laid in August 2007. The ground floor will be finished end of October and will initially house the hotline. The 1st floor, reserved for the hotline, will be finished end November 2007.

The lower haves of the walls are face brick with windows on both lengths of the building. The complete repair shop is rigged out with a steel structured floor, doubling up the repair space, ensuring an efficient utilisation of space.

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