LetMeRepair Spain to open on the 1st December 2010

LetMeRepair is proud to announce that the Spanish depot repair facility in Malaga will be opened on the 1st December 2010.

SpainLetMeRepair is an after sales service organisation in Europe, Mid East and African with 830 full time employees in 18 repair depots in 13 countries.

LetMeRepair is the only repair company in Europe, Mid East and Africa with a complete network of own service centres linked by one central IT solution.

LetMeRepair has placed its focus on the mobile technology, IT and consumer electronic repair activities.

Karl Dominick justifies the LetMeRepair regional depot strategy as the move to adapt the service offering to the market needs. “The days of simply exchanging a mobile phone are quickly ending” “Customers are not prepared loose their system settings, address records, mails and other vital personal and business data recorded in modern mobile products. These are needed to operate their server synchronised integrated mobile technology products as they have a mobile computer which indecently happens to have a phone function”.

Further challenges supporting the regional depot repair strategy are the language barriers and software settings which are proving to be a further challenge faced by service organisations trying to manage cross border, multi lingual tablet PC and notebook repairs.

LetMeRepair will now further develop the depots to manage the regional on-site services driven by large format displays, system integrated network print and IT products.

Karl Dominick is the interim managing director for LetMeRepair Spain S.L. until all legal proceedings and operational set up activities have been completed. Katja Cabello, now living in Spain, has taken on the challenging task of site management and has several years of experience in a European service company. The address: LetMeRepair Spain S.L.; Calle Conrado del Campo; Poligono Ind. Trevenez; 29590 Malaga

Please feel free to contact the following persons for more information:

Karl Dominick, Managing Director Europe

Matthias Appel, Director Business Development LetMeRepair:

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