LetMeRepair will assemble 47” LCD Televisions for Atec in Bautzen

LetMeRepair is the chosen assembly partner for the Atec 47” LCD TV sold in the European market. The decision to assemble its high value LCD TV products in Europe under the motto: “Assembled in Germany” confirms the long term sales and marketing strategy Atec has developed to enter the European market.

Daniel Park “The decision to assemble the LCD TV products in Germany underlines our commitment to develop the European market by showing market presence, ensuring continuity of service, short delivery times, excellence and last but not least: quality. Atec made the decision to use LetMeRepair based on the extensive Atec assembly experience for the 32”, 37” and 42” LCD TV products currently assembled in Bautzen and the very high quality standards adhered to by the LetMeRepair team. The establishment of the Atec office in Bautzen and the placing of local Atec engineers in the Bautzen factory is a further milestone to intensify the cooperation.“

The Atec European sales office in the Netherlands is able to react to customer orders and delivery requirements at short notice as LetMeRepair also manages the complete component stock and production planning processes required for the assembly activities. LetMeRepair also controls the warehousing and distribution activities for finished goods inventory to customers and distributors in Europe.

Daniel Park “It is therefore self-explanatory that Atec will also offer the usual high quality after sales service for the 47” LCD TV product range for its own and its OEM brands sold in Europe. LetMeRepair is again the chosen after sales service partner in Germany, and several European territories, for this high value product range.”

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